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Feedback Updates

27th April 2022

Personal Budgets

We have received feedback from various members asking for clarification with regards to the Person Budgets eligibility criteria.

We are pleased to update that Activities Unlimited has rewritten their page to clearly explain the service offer. Details can be found by following the link below:

Personal Budgets Criteria Explained

Thank you to all the members who took time to feedback to the forum and we hope this update will help.

14th March 2022

Annual Survey Results

Please find below the Report and Reponses from the Annual Survey conducted earlier this year:

Should you have any feedback in regards to the Annual Survey, please complete a feedback form using the button at the top of this page.

1st March 2022

Firstly, a big thank you to all whom have used the feedback forms, it has really helped to have all the feedback in one please for consideration.

A trend that has been highlighted through the feedback form was that Encrypted Emails are very difficult to open and is causing parent carers to travel to libraries or friends/relatives houses to be able to open on a laptop or PC.

This was raised with Suffolk County Council Information Management department before the half term break. We have been contacted today with information that they have recognised an issue with iPhone accessibility and this is being investigated. I was also sent a range of encrypted emails for me to open via my mobile (which is Android) and I supplied screenshots of my process, including when I faced difficulties. We now have another Management Committee member doing the same with their Apple device.

Information Management have also asked me to request from the membership, any error messages that you may encounter or any screenshots you may have to further assist with the investigation. These can be sent to the Page using the message facility or to info@suffolkpcf.co.uk.

The information collected will be anonymised and shared with the Information Management department to assist their investigation. It will not be shared with the wider membership, other than in update form.

16th February 2022

We shared the Sendiass 'Drafting and Finalising an EHC Plan' on our social media a few weeks ago. We received feedback that it would be beneficial to parent carers if there was a section that had information about what would happen if things didn't go to plan.

We contacted our friends over at Sendiass in Suffolk and shared this with them and they didn't hesitate to action it. We have received confirmation that the session will now include slides with information on 'What to do if…'

More information can be found out the training courses as well as other useful information from the Sendiass website: www.suffolksendiass.co.uk

If you are unable to join the Sendiass session, and still require further information on EHCP plans and raising concerns, please follow the Suffolk Local Offer link for information: www.infolink.suffolk.gov.uk/kb5/suffolk/infolink/advice.page?id=nT6Qg5Bs8n4