Annual Health Checks

Did you know that if you are aged 14 and over and have a learning disability, you can ask your doctor for an Annual Health Check?

Parents and carers of young people aged from 14 to 25 with learning disabilities are being encouraged to make sure they undergo a free annual health check with their GP.

Annual health checks can help ensure they stay fit and enjoy good mental wellbeing, as well as identifying any problems early so they can be treated more quickly.

If the person you support does not get invited for an Annual Health Check, you should ask the doctor’s surgery to make sure that:

  • The person you support is on the learning disability register
  • The person you support is identified as having a learning disability.
  • They offer Annual Health Checks.

If their doctor’s surgery does not offer annual health checks, you could:

  • Ask if there are any other surgeries in the area that can provide one
  • Can they suggest an alternative plan?
  • Can you find another doctor’s surgery that does offer one?


There is a variety of support available to enable your young person to attend their annual health check. We have compiled a range of resources which can be viewed by parent Carers with their young person below.

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